Bacterian (Gradius III)

Bacterian (Gradius III)

Bacterian from Gradius III



Brain Base

H hook

mr 6

inc around (12)

sc, inc around (18)

sc 2, inc around (24)

sc 7, inc around (27)

sc 8, inc around (30)

sc around (30) * 5

sc 8, dec around (27)

sc 7, dec around (24)

sc 6, dec around (21)

sc around (21)

sc 5, dec around (18)

sc around (18)

Begin stuffing

sc 4, dec around (15)

sc 3, dec around (12)

dec around (6)

Brain Base

Lobes (make 2)

Worsted Weight, G hook mr 4 sc around until the tube is about 36 inches long

Sew one tube onto the base. Make it convoluted. Make sure you stay on only one side. It should fill up the entire surface of one half. You can sew a piece of yarn laterally to help make sure you stay on only one side.

Brain Base

Sew the other tube onto the other half of the base. Mirror the pattern you did on the other side.

Brain Base



mr 4

sc, inc around (6)

sc, sc, sl st, turn, sc


mr 6

sc, inc, inc around (10)

sc 3, inc, inc around (14)

sc 5, inc, inc around (18)

sc 2, inc around (24)

sc 3, inc around (30)

sc around (30) * 2

sc 14, inc around (32)

create mouth through round 7 and then the bottom lip will be round 4.

sc 15, inc, inc, sc 15 (34)

sc around (34)

sc 10, dec, sc 10, dec, sc 10 (32)

sc around (32) * 2

Sew on the nose now

sc 7, inc around (36)

Do the eyes now

Make a disc of circumference about 30 sc. Stuff the head and sew in the disc to put a cap on the stuffing.

Put the brain in

sc around (36)

sc around while chaining upwards throughout to make the veins. Branch off the chains. Sew the veins together to secure the brain.